Internal vs. external review, and multiple submissions

What’s the difference between internal review and “external” or “peer” review? Is it okay to have several presses review my manuscript simultaneously?

Internal review is casual dating

When I receive a manuscript for internal review, I’m seeing if it is well-written, thoughtful, cohesive. I’m deciding whether I think it has the chops to get good reviews from [...]

3 of 3 Thoughts About Peer Review

To wrap up the conversation, here’s the third thing you should know—or remember—about peer review. (Item 1 is here; Item 2 is here.)

(to confirm Aqua Regia)

From a purely monetary perspective, most referees provide essentially free labor.


Editors have a vested interest in identifying referees who will care about the [...]

2 of 3 Thoughts About Peer Review

To continue the discussion from Thursday, in response to this comment, here is the second of three things you should know—or remember—about peer review, and how it relates to the cost of academic books.

Most reviewers are paid between $100 and $200 to read an average-length manuscript.

The editorial director of a well-known foundation once [...]

1 of 3 Thoughts About Peer Review

As I said, I was rankled by several of the comments in response to Yglesias’ post about The High Price of Scholarship. For example, Aqua Regia noted:

“I’m pretty sure peer-reviewing is a pretty negligible cost of publishing. All the editor has to do is select a few names and send them the submitted paper. Like [...]