Internal vs. external review, and multiple submissions

What’s the difference between internal review and “external” or “peer” review? Is it okay to have several presses review my manuscript simultaneously?

Internal review is casual dating

When I receive a manuscript for internal review, I’m seeing if it is well-written, thoughtful, cohesive. I’m deciding whether I think it has the chops to get good reviews from [...]

The Etiquette of Giving Gifts

I’ve been thinking about gifts lately. (Go figure.)

In particular, I’ve been thinking about why it feels… awkward… sometimes to receive a gift, as an editor, from an author. Or to be more precise, from a would-be author.

In my experience, gift-giving between authors and editors isn’t reaching epidemic proportions. If it happens at all, it tends [...]

New feature: Ask the Editor

I’ve added a new feature to the site: Ask the Editor!

Use the query form if you:

want to ask a question without risk of “looking dumb”…
are curious whether a contract clause is “standard issue”…
are curious whether a contract clause might be negotiable…
want a second opinion on what someone else told you about publishing…
want me to clarify [...]

Ask the Editor: When should I follow up on my submission?

I recently received the following question from a reader:

Two different editors asked to see my manuscript in order to decide whether to send it out for review.  Needless to say, I was quite pleased.  My question is now — how long do I wait before getting antsy and asking for feedback? It’s been almost 2 [...]

Giving Gracious Thanks: rules of thumb

So how do you avoid inadvertently offending your editor in the acknowledgments?

A few rules of thumb:

Say it loud, or at least don’t whisper. Try to keep your thanks–to everyone–at a fairly standard length and level of detail. Or…

Exercise variety in the extent of your thanks. By all means, feel free to thank key people at [...]

Cold calling part 2: An effective pick-up line

So you walk into my booth and ask whether an editor is available for a chat. Nine times out of ten, the next words out of my mouth will be,

What is your project about?

Behind the Question

I want to know what your project is about—but that doesn’t translate into a burning desire to be lectured on [...]

Cold calling at the conference: How to ask for an editor

If you don’t already have a meeting scheduled with an editor, you may just have to “cold call” at the conference. But how?

The simple answer is to pick a person who obviously works there and open with this:

“I’d like to talk with an editor about a book project. Can you lead me in the right [...]