Sounds of Silence

It’s been quiet around here, hasn’t it? All I can say is… travel out-of-town will really rack a schedule, no?

We’ll be back to our regularly-programmed schedule as of tomorrow, but in the meantime I wanted to offer a few quick updates.

First, regarding the Heifer International Challenge: I’ve just processed a donation of $50. That’s $20 for a share of a llama and $30 for some honeybees. It works out to more than my initial pledge-plus-comments but (a) accounts for notes I received via Facebook and (b) HI is working to help rebuild in Haiti so perhaps the bees will wind up there.

Second, did I mention the great conversation I had with Bill Frank, an independent specialist in book publicity, back in December? I’ve got great notes from that conversation to inform some forthcoming posts. Lots of good ideas and information for those of you who have already unleashed your books (or are about to). Plus, Bill may be contributing now and again in 2010. Yay!

More to come…

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